"If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both."

- Native American saying

When you have the right right strategy and you're chasing the right rabbit everything falls into place.

Chasing The Right Rabbit is short book by Tim Duggan and Jesse Desjardins about ensuring that you’re pursuing the right strategy in the social and content world. When you are, you’ll be using your limited resources in the best possible way, creating work your audience really cares about, generating business from your efforts and leading your market. That’s when you know you’re chasing the right rabbit.

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About The Authors


Jesse Desjardins - @jessedee

With ten years experience in travel and tourism, Jesse heads up the global social media and advocacy initiatives at Tourism Australia, the federal government agency responsible for promoting the $100 billion tourism industry in Australia in more than 20 markets and 17 languages. 

Through campaigns such as ‘Best Jobs in The World’ and dominating fan photo strategies, Jesse has cemented Tourism Australia as the global tourism leader in the social media space, outperforming all other destinations globally.


Tim Duggan  - @timduggan

Tim is the Content Director and co-owner of the Sound Alliance, Australia’s leading youth communications publisher. They are the creators of leading online brands like inthemix, FasterLouder, Mess+Noise and more that are visited by over 1.5 million Australians each month.

He co-founded Asia Pacific’s leading industry event, the Electronic Music Conference, as well as websites Same Same and the leading pop culture title, Junkee, which was awarded Mumbrella’s Media Brand of the Year in 2014 

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